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image Hi, I am Justin, the paint brush behind Just Dahl. I am proud to call myself a Pensacola artist. I think I always knew deep inside from a young age that I would be an artist or a musician. I ended up choosing art and I listen to music in the background when I paint. I started painting the beach and all the wonders of the water and that is the theme for all my paintings.

At 5 my parents took me, my 2 brothers and 1 sister to Sarasota, Lido Beach for a Christmas Vacation, and that's when I fell in love with the beach. I grew up in a sweet little town just out of Chicago, called Hinsdale, where I spent my summers outside playing with the other kids and going to the swimming pool every chance I got. I spent a lot of my indoor hours drawing anything and everything. I poked a lot of holes in my walls with pushpins to hang all my art. Due to complicated circumstances, I was on my own by age 15. Living on my own was scary and sometimes really hard. Luckily I had a big sister and a grandmother to help me if I fell hard. One constant remained; the city of Chicago and the fantastic culture it showed me. I spent many a weekend at the Chicago Art Institute, Science and Industry and Field museum, Brookfield Zoo and people watching at Buckingham Fountain. I enjoyed music in the park and the midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Biography Theater.

I started painting Palm Frond Masks when my husband and daughter and I moved to the Tampa area. Now living in Pensacola I found my passion for canvas painting. I am known for my tiny 2.5" x 3.5" detailed canvas paintings on tiny little easels, and Is o enjoy when people get wide eyed and come check them out at shows. I also love when people see the larger art and they get drawn in. If you have ever met me at a show, you know I love to tell stories and encourage young artists. I love meeting new people, so if you get to a show, make sure you stop and say hello.

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