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I am proud to call myself a Pensacola artist. I think I am lucky that I found out at a very young age not only what I am supposed to be doing, but where and what would be my life's theme. I am supposed to create art at the beach. And the theme, you probably guessed, the beach and all the wonders of the water.

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago; a lot of them – from Hinsdale to Bensenville to Cicero and more. One constant remained; the city of Chicago and the fantastic culture it showed me. I spent many a weekend at the Art Insitute, Science and Industry and Field museums, Brookfield Zoo and people watching at Buckingham Fountain. I enjoyed music in the park and the midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Biograph Theater, but mostly running around the neighborhood with all the other kids, just being a kid.

As a kid, I spent most of my indoor hours drawing anything and everything, on any paper I could find. I poked a lot of holes in my walls with pushpins to hang all my art. I am thankful for computers in which I do most of my drawings now; it did help with the pushpin issue. I started creating Palm Frond Masks when I lived in the Tampa area. Now living in Pensacola I continue to pursue all my loves. However since I started making Palm Frond Masks and Canvas Paintings, nails are the issue.


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